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This year the conference hubs programme will facilitate the involvement of nearly 6,500+ participants from over 41 countries. 139 hubs will be hosted on over 74 topics ranging from stigma to prevention of mother-to-child transmission.

You can still benefit from the education presented at the conference! From now until 31 December 2012, 54 hubs are still being held around the world. To find one near you, visit: http://pag.aids2012.org/PAGHome.aspx?tab=5.

Key hubs in Kiev, Ukraine and Kolkata, India enabled two critical populations unable to attend the conference due to immigration constraints – people who use drugs and sex workers – to participate.

AIDS 2012: Ensuring that our voice is heard Я сделаю все, чтобы нас услышали

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) hosted a pre-conference forum and a post-conference hub: “AIDS 2012 Ensuring That Our Voice is Heard Я сделаю все, чтобы нас услышали”

Held in Kiev, Ukraine, 9 – 10 July 2012, the pre-conference forum ensured the representation of people who use drugs and other key populations from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) in the International AIDS conference. The pre-conference forum was designed to impact the response to HIV epidemic(s) in EECA, providing international donors and national governments with critical feedback on recent political and financial decisions that affect people who use drugs and other key populations.

The post-conference hub in Kiev, 28 September 2012, will focus on the critical issues arising from the conference, placing relevant issues and cutting-edge science in a local and regional context.

Links: Programme Agenda | Press Release

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Sex Worker Freedom Festival

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) will host a conference hub: “ Sex Worker Freedom Festival”

Held in Kolkata, India, in conjunction with the conference in Washington, D.C., 21 July - 27 July 2012, the festival offered a venue at which sex workers could safely participate in AIDS 2012. The festival programme focused on a variety of freedoms such as the freedom of movement and to migrate; the freedom to access quality health services; freedom from stigma and discrimination; and many more.

The Sex Worker Freedom Festival was supported by Open Society Foundation – Sexual Health and Rights Program, UNAIDS, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNFPA, HIVOS, AIDS Fonds and AIDS 2012 conference secretariat.

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WHAT is a conference hub?

Conference hubs are “mini conferences” held in conjunction with the international conference by local organizations active in the AIDS response. Sessions from the international conference will be recorded or telecast free of charge for selected applicants and can be screened at organizers’ discretion. These sessions are typically followed by moderated discussions with local or regional experts to examine how the session content can be used to strengthen the HIV/AIDS response. Conference hubs may also feature workshops and trainings in addition to the conference sessions. Conference hubs should facilitate discussion and debate among stakeholders, potentially leading to the development of a comprehensive plan for future action at the local or regional levels.

BENEFITS of organizing a conference hub?
  • Free access to the international conference sessions and expertise
  • Engagement with local and regional stakeholders
  • Strengthened local AIDS response
  • Freedom to tailor the information to directly address important issues relevant to your community
  • Increased visibility as an efficient local actor
  • Proven reputation and capacities to mobilize people and resources
  • Expanded local networks
  • Development of new partnerships or fundraising opportunities.

WHY organize a conference hub?

Unfortunately immigration, financial, and/or time constraints may prevent many stakeholders from attending the conference. Conference hubs ensure the global discussion includes all key stakeholders and allow organizers to target issues relevant to their region.

WHEN can I organize a conference hub?

Conference hubs may be hosted at the same time as the international conference or after the international conference. The portal where conference sessions may be downloaded will be active until 31 December 2012.

WHO can organize a conference hub?

Organizations that may wish to consider hosting a conference hub include non-governmental organizations/charities, PLHIV networks, faith-based organizations, community organizations, clinics and hospitals, universities and medical schools, government entities and UN bodies.

HOW can I organize a conference hub?

Approved organizations will have access to a Hub in a Box, a DIY toolkit including step-by-step instructions, templates and more on marketing, fundraising, budgeting, and evaluation. Organizers will have access to an IT help desk for AV and technology issues.

Online applications to become a conference hub organizer are open! The application is simple and asks questions designed to help you clearly articulate your vision. Questions include information about the target audience, the date, time, and duration of the event, potential venues, and more.

To apply, please login to your conference profile using the red tab at the top left of the page. Once you login, you will see the conference hubs tab toward the bottom of the page; please click on it and follow the instructions to submit your application online. If you have an unreliable internet connection, you may still submit your application using this application form in English. Completed forms can be emailed to . Applications will be processed within two weeks.

WHICH sessions will be available online?

To view a list of recorded sessions that are available for screening, please visit the Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG) and sort by “webcast” under the “Recordings” filter on the left-hand side of the page. Please note that not all conference content will be is available online.

How much does it cost?

Downloadable or telecast sessions will be available free of charge.

Many items necessary for a successful event may be readily available in your organization or network such as a venue, computer, projector, screen, etc. allowing you to hold the mini conference at minimum cost. However, some expenses may be incurred if a venue, a broadband internet connection, additional human resources, and/or equipment such as a computer, projector, screen, etc. are not readily available. Providing food and beverages are optional.

Organizations or individuals hosting a conference hub are responsible for any extra expenses incurred. However, fundraising ideas and suggestions will be included in the conference kit sent to all organizations selected to host a mini conference.

What’s provided by the conference?
  • Access to a number of recorded sessions (exact number and format to be determined), with video and audio files, in English or Spanish, accompanied by powerpoint slides
  • An access portal for downloading recorded sessions
  • A help desk for IT, programme development and audio visual technical support
  • A toolkit with marketing and programme templates, tips and guidelines
  • Free advertising on the conference website
  • Networking and publicity through the conference hub facebook page
  • Free access to the conference logo and style guide
  • Assistance with monitoring and evaluation of the project.

What are the responsibilities of conference hub organizers?
  • Secure an appropriate venue
  • Attract participants, marketing the event locally/regionally
  • Invite and coordinate moderators, additional speakers (optional) and rapporteurs (optional)
  • Guarantee at least 20+ participants
  • Guarantee a minimum number of 2 presentations shown
  • Provide a record of participants (for monitoring and evaluation purposes)
  • Provide a record of the sessions viewed and additional activities/sessions
  • Commit to participating in the evaluation of the event
  • Provide interpretation/translation services if your participants require languages other than English.


Key Dates

15 September 2012
Hubs applications close

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Previous Webinars (May & March)
If you were not able to participate in the webinars in March or May 2012 and would like to listen to the recording or download the materials presented at "Exploring the Possibilities and Logistics: How to Host an AIDS 2012 Conference Hub”, please click on the links below:

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