International AIDS Society

Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Track A – Basic Sciences
  • HIV Evolution
  • HIV Pathogenesis/Immune Function and Dysfunction
  • Basic Retrovirology
  • HIV Pathogenesis/Latency and Viral Reservoirs
  • Host Genetics
  • Transmission and Early Infection
  • Novel Treatment and Prevention Strategies
  • Vaccine Development
  • Animal Models
  • Pathogenesis of Opportunistic and Co-Infections
  • Diagnostic Tools for the Immunological and Virological Monitoring of HIV Infection
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Track B - Clinical Science
  • Course of HIV Disease
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools
  • HIV-Associated Diseases
  • Antiretroviral Therapies
  • Children and Adolescents-specific Issues
  • Non-Opportunistic Complications of HIV and its Treatment
  • Other Strategies and Therapies
  • Other Retroviruses
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Track C - Epidemiology and Prevention Science
  • Epidemiology of HIV
  • Methodological Issues and Capacity-Building in Epidemiology and Prevention Research
  • HIV Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Interventions to Prevent HIV
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Track D - Social Science, Human Rights and Political Science
  • Behavioural, Social and Structural Interventions
  • Analysis of Social Drivers and Contexts of HIV
  • Analysis of Socio-demographic Factors in Prevention, Treatment, Care and/or Support
  • Sexuality, Gender, Relationships, and Sexual Cultures
  • Substance Use - Social, Behavioural and Cultural Issues
  • Living with HIV and AIDS
  • Social and Behavioral Science Theory and Methods
  • Social and Behavioral Features of HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support Services
  • Politics and Policy Development
  • Policy Implementation and Impact
  • Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Human Rights, Law and Ethics
  • Actors’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Security, International Relations and Humanitarian Disasters
  • Relationship Between HIV and Other Key Social Policy Areas
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Track E - Implementation Science, Health Systems and Economics
  • Impact of HIV Programmes on Non-HIV Outcomes
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Male Medical Circumcision
  • Effect of HIV Funding/Programming on Other Services
  • Implementing HIV Programmes in Resource Constrained Health Systems
  • Data Systems to Support HIV Prevention and Care
  • Designing and Implementing Health Systems for Quality HIV Programmes
  • Designing and Improving HIV Prevention/Treatment/Care Systems
  • Financing and Payments
  • Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Programmes
  • Working with the Non-State Sector
  • Modelling of Programmes
  • Human Resources
  • Governance
  • Health Service Models
  • Economic Issues
  • AIDS National Programmes and Responses
  • Measuring /assessing the impact of operational research on policy and practice
  • Operations Research in Response to HIV prevention and Treatment
  • International Responses and Funding
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