International AIDS Society

Civil Society and Community Outreach

Outreach efforts are made by all conference partners and the conference secretariat aiming to inform key stakeholders about the conference’s main focus, key dates, location and the main benefits of attending. Outreach is also very important to ensure that a full range of communities and sectors affected by HIV/AIDS are represented and engaged in the conference planning and delivery process, which reflects the conference’s values of inclusion, respect, and global partnership building.

Since the very first International AIDS Conference in 1985, the international civil society (ICS) and other community partners have played an active role in outreach, using their positioning, knowledge, networks and resources to promote the conference and support the participation of their constituents.

Outreach activities implemented by partners include the design and worldwide dissemination of a wide range of online and/or printed materials in several languages, oral presentations (including video), design and dissemination of online guidelines/tutorials/videos and roadmaps, the provision of direct support to potential delegates through workshops, online mentoring and IT assistance, fund raising to allow more people attend the conference and the organization of meetings and interactive activities at the conference, among others.

For more information regarding the partners’ outreach activities for AIDS 2012 or to get in touch with the representatives on the Conference Coordinating Committee, please click on the appropriate link bellow:

International Civil Society Partners

International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW):

International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO):

Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+):

Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC):


US Community Partners

Black AIDS Institute:

U.S. Positive Women’s Network:

Washington, D.C. Partners

DC Community Coalition: